Highest Performance Data Platform

FASII Information Technology (Shanghai) Ltd.

Fasii  is committed to solve the performance bottleneck of the information system, providing a complete data intensive and compute intensive end to end solution.

In the following areas, we are on the leading position in the world

A, flash memory storage system;

B, distributed storage system;

C, PCIE interconnection and cluster technology;

D, using FPGA to realize heterogeneous computing technology;

E, GPU implementation of heterogeneous computing technology

Applicable area: big data analysis / artificial intelligence / genetic engineering / simulation / media / interactive TV / business intelligence, etc.

fASII corporate culture

  • Focus

  • Accountability

  • Savvy

  • Innovation

  • Improvement

We have been responsible for the development of Google storage systems and switching systems, carrying capacity of more than 10% of the world. Re start......